A List of the Top Ten Indian Wedding Photographers to Watch In 2022
by Eguaogie Eghosa Dec 03, 2022 Views (1.8K)
In the past, photography was more of a passion than a profession. Although many people did make a living from photography, the field was not regarded as a realistic career choice. When the twenty-first century arrived, photography's range began to grow. Wedding photography was one of the many specialties that a photography enthusiast could pursue professionally.

Do not misunderstand me; there have always been photographers present. But during the past few years, the field of wedding photography has grown tremendously. And, to be completely honest, contemporary wedding photography has a certain allure. Weddings are a very emotional event; there is happiness, grief, excitement, and anxiety. All of this emotional maelstrom should be seen in a wedding photographer's images. 

Why is it so crucial to hire a skilled wedding photographer?

According to the adage, "What can be seen with the naked eye cannot be seen with a camera," Indian wedding photographers are truly magicians at catching even the smallest detail and presenting it in a distinctive way. Given that weddings only occur once in a lifetime, it is crucial to preserve the special moments and memories. WedMeGood has over 7,000 verified and top wedding photographers for documenting your nuptial ceremonies and wedding day, whether it be candid photography or a pre-wedding photo shoot. Simply download the WMG app to find the finest wedding photographers in India and narrow your search by price, rating, reviews, and portfolio.

A few photo magicians are skilled at doing this. The top 10 Indian wedding photographers are listed below; be sure to check them out:

1. Stories by Joseph Radhik

Why don't we start with the best? All of the adorable and swoon-worthy images from Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma's wedding, as well as the romantic photos from Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' wedding, were taken by Joseph. He is renowned for his aesthetic and the skillful use of light in his images.

2. Reels and Frames.

One of India's best documentary film and photography companies is Reels and Frames. Other than that, why did Sonam Kapoor select them for her wedding? Their work is beautiful and original.

3. Bugs & Co.

They "pursue the skill of capturing unboxed moments," as their bio indicates. Their photographs are magnificent and plentiful. You will be astounded by their conceptual photos.

4. Cam Catches.

A Goa-based wedding photography and film crew, their images are unique and out of the ordinary. Since they are situated in Goa, many of their photographs are taken against the state's breathtaking natural backdrops.

5. Morvi Images.

When it comes to wedding photos, her work is a breath of fresh air. Her pictures are colorful with a touch of class. When I look at their photographs, the terms "modern" and "fresh" immediately come to mind.

6. Lightworkx.

This crew, which is based in Mumbai, is one of the city's up-and-coming wedding photographers. Their photographs have lovely compositions and a surreal atmosphere. Their pre-wedding shoot ideas are also amazing.

7. Vivek Sequeira.

He has some excellent skills, and if hired to photograph the most expensive wedding of 2018, he would be a wonderful choice. Over 1.2 million images were taken by Vivek Sequeira and his team at Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal's wedding. His photographs, taken by an accomplished photographer, will make you grin. He captures the special moments of a wedding with ease due to his more than 20 years of experience in this profession.

8. Wedding Nama.

Their weapons are comparable to magic. Wedding Nama has perfected the art of taking pictures that exude sophistication and style without sacrificing ease. They claim in their bio that their photographs demonstrate quality, refinement, and innovation in weddings.

9. Richa Photos.

Amazing wedding photographs, taken by yet another female wedding photographer, reflect all the various emotions that guests at the wedding displayed. Her photographic style is elegant but unassuming. Her images portray gentleness through a subdued use of color and feelings.

10. Kodo Clicker.

Award-winning wedding photography specialists Kodo Clicker have a passion for the arts. They are renowned for producing classic movies. Their work demonstrates how inventive they are with their pictures.

How can you locate the perfect wedding photographer within your price range?

Whether you're crying as you say goodbye to your loved ones or smiling as you dance away with your Mr. Right, photography is something that catches all the emotions and sensations so beautifully. We are aware that choosing your ideal wedding photographer might be challenging given the abundance of great photographers on the market. With the help of WedMeGood's many photographers, your wedding celebrations can be made much more enjoyable and seamless. WMG offers you a short checklist as to how to locate your Indian wedding photographer without burning a hole in your wallet, whether you're looking for a candid photographer or a typical picture shoot:

Do you believe there are any amazing individuals who specialize in wedding photography that we've overlooked? Tell us in the comments section below!

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