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If you have a product, service, technology, feature, idea, vision, or pretty much anything else that you wish to share with your customers or employees, an animated explainer video is the way to go. As an animated explainer video company specializing in creating creative and informative explainers on virtually any topic, we are here to help you share the information you want to share in a simple, straightforward, and appealing way. If you’ve worked with an explainer video company before, you are probably familiar with the process of creating an explainer video. In case you haven’t, or have but need a reminder, here’s a run-down of the characteristics, benefits, and types of explainer videos, as well as the upsides of getting one made by a professional animated explainer video company.

Animated Explainer Video Production Company

What Is An Animated Explainer Video?

In short, an animated explainer video is a short video created by an explainer video company to – what else? – explain a product or process to the audience. The explainer video company will usually tailor the video specifically to each business’s needs. This ensures not only the high quality of the final product but also that the content faithfully represents that company’s voice and that it is accurate and clear. When you discuss your next explainer video with an explainer video company, they will likely emphasize a few additional important characteristics:

Brevity – remember, your audience has a very limited attention span;

Information-packed – use the limited time to relay as much information as possible, and leave fillers and unnecessary details for a different medium;

High-quality narration – any explainer video company will tell you not to underestimate the power of a captivating voice saying a carefully-crafted copy;

Powerful scriptwriting – usually, time is short and information plentiful, so the script really needs to pack a punch;

Upbeat, energetic tone – make a positive first impression by having your animated explainer video company choose a lively tune to accompany the voiceover.

What Are The Benefits Of Creating An Animated Explainer Video?

Working with a good explainer video company to create your animated explainer can do wonders for your business, thanks to these benefits: Product/Service presentation, Attractive sales pitch, Improved conversions, Simplified presentation of complex topics, Increased brand awareness, Lead generation, Customer engagement, Improved customer support and In-office/Team support.

Evidently, an animated explainer video can give your business a considerable boost. Talk to your chosen explainer video company about benefits specific to your company.


What Type Of Explainer Video Is Perfect For Your Business?

Choosing the right video type for your needs is very important, and a reliable animated explainer video company can help with this choice. Talk to your explainer video company about the purpose of your video so you can confidently choose one of these options:


2D/3D Animated Explainer Video

This is an excellent option if you want to tell a story. The explainer video company will develop a storytelling video full of intriguing characters, character interactions, interesting backgrounds, a compelling problem-solution narrative, and even a bit of a cartoonish vibe if needed – anything that fits your brand and tells your story.


Motion Graphics

For some businesses, a less cartoony and more serious approach is the way to go. Your animated explainer video company will use imaginative elements and creative transitions to create a clean and streamlined video perfect for companies in finance, STEM, and many other industries.


Whiteboard Animation

This type is fitting for storytelling, but an explainer video company might also use it to present a complex subject in a simplified way since the explanation is literally being drawn right before the viewer’s eyes.


Screencast Video

If you have a program or an app that you want to explain or introduce, this might be the right choice for you. In this case, your explainer video company will use actual footage of your software in action to showcase how it works and what it can do.

Don’t recognize your unique requirements in any of these descriptions? Reach out to Film District India! As a well-established animated explainer video company in Mumbai, we’re sure we can help.

Film District India

Why should you hire an Explainer Video Company to Create your Video?

Depending on how creative you are or if you have access to online writing and animation tools, you may feel inspired to create your own explainer video. However, if you value your time and peace of mind, we suggest trusting an acclaimed animated explainer video company with this task. At Film District India, we’ve created more videos than we can count. We are an explainer video company that knows what works best and we will use that knowledge to create a video that is exactly right for your needs.

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