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A professionally produced animated explainer video goes a long way in creating the impact that is required in today’s market scenario. It is most suited to connect with your target audience rather than long pages full of text/stills.

In today’s world of digital and social media, animated videos are considered to be an effective & powerful communication/marketing tool. Most of your clientele would not like to read pages about your product. We are living in a time where consumers prefer quick and easy information. This is true for every market including yours. Not only does a short and potent video help in engaging your prospective customers, but at the same time, it spares them a lot of time and energy. A good explainer video explains your product and/or service in an interesting and concise manner.

Animation videos can be used in the following ways:

Explainer Videos Animation
Creative Explainer Animations

If your business caters to a product or service, an explainer video can be used to explain its features and ways to use it. Our engaging strategy ensures that the videos are of high quality and caters to your marketing needs. We don’t brag but Film District India is one of the best creators of explainer video companies in India.

Product Demo Videos Animation
Product Demo Videos

A 3D product video is the best way to make your customers understand how effectively they can use your product. The chances of a customer showing interest in your product increase with a professionally done product demo. Our Expert Animation Makers have churned out some of the best work in the industry.

Service Demo Videos Animation
Services Demo Videos

A well-curated video explaining your services takes only a little time to make an impact on your customer and has the capacity to generate/increase business leads and sales. 2D animation production takes a great deal of care to put together an impressive demo video.

Whiteboard Animation Videos
Whiteboard Animations

Our expertise in whiteboard technology can be a strong backing for your brand. The UI of the interactive modules are well conceived and are usually the result of out of the box ideation. The whiteboard animation adds value to your entire presentation.

Short Film Animation
Short Films Format

Where your brand needs a little more explanation than our usual explainer format, we can use the short film format. We can have your brand story or the services provided in a uniquely depicted short film format and present it to your audience. The ideation process that goes into an animation video is very intense.

Custom Animation Videos
Custom Animation Services

At Film District, we love to think differently and come up with newer, innovative ideas. If you have conceived a concept for your brand then Film District is the production house that can do justice to your idea; watch your imaginations come to life!

Film District India is one of the premiere animated video production companies in India. We are your go-to production house that will create exclusive innovative animation videos which conveys your brand's message, product & services to your prospective customers.

You may opt to go for a long duration story-based video for your business to generate revenue via video streaming sites. This gives a good digital footprint for your brand and creates an effective impact. An Introductory Animated Video can make an impression on your website or presentations.

These high-impact explainer videos are made keeping your budget in mind; not compromising on the quality.

A lot goes into making a truly engaging explainer video.

1 Understanding Concept of Animations
Comprehending the Concept

Based on a diligently detailed questionnaire we try to understand your requirement for the brand, its reach, and the target audience – essentially the objective of creating a video for your brand.

2 Planning & Script Writing for Animation
Ideation, Planning & Script

Once the questionnaire is sorted and the brief idea is clear, the planning and script writing takes momentum.

3 Storyboarding for Animation
Screen writing

Next, our team of designers starts working on the storyboard for your video, frame by frame. This is done, keeping the original essence and idea of the script/plan in mind.

4 Voice Over for Animation
Integrating the Voice Over

A voice-over gives life to the video. With a vast choice of voice-over artist's, we choose the most suitable voice for your video.

5 Animated Video Production
Animated Production

After all the steps are successfully completed, our adept team of animators create the best-animated video for your product/service/business. Our team is familiar with all the new technologies on the market so you get the best service that goes a long way.

6 Animated Video Delivery
Final Cut

The final delivery is tested and fixed from all aspects of production. After we give you’re your final video, your valuable feedback and opinion are taken into consideration before we make the final delivery.

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