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Are you organizing a grand event that needs outstanding video coverage?

Film District firmly believes that a good story is the core component of any video production. We help you to weave your story and convey it to your target audience. While covering an event, we focus on effectively capturing the life of the event in its totality. Taking care that the event’s message comes through loud and clear through the visuals captured – to produce best event videos.

Every highlight of your event, along with crowd reactions/emotions, key performances are potently captured by our production team. The best bits of your event can be collated and repackaged to suit your marketing potential.

In case of real-time streaming events, our production specialists efficiently capture the essence of your event. In case, your target audience is globally spread, we can also set up the streaming of your event, through a seamless real-time broadcast. Our team of in-house broadcast experts with years of experience will ensure your event videography gets exceptional exposure across the globe.

Our clientele demands ultramodern streaming equipment to cover their events. Be it a single or multi-camera setup, we use the best in class equipment for all our production needs. We can also set up a live streaming of your event in bare minimum time. Having a top quality video made for your grand event eventually acts as an asset for the future. Not only that, but the overall message and communication of your event are carried forward without getting lost in transit.

One of the most important focus points we take into consideration when covering your event is ensuring to augment the purpose of your event. Client deadlines are our most prioritized tasks for us. We assure you that our final event video will be delivered with the stipulated deadline.

Some of our event coverage services include the following

Explainer Videos Animation
Festivals Event Video

Covering the various festivals we have in India is one of the specialties at Film District. Taking care of small details about rituals and tradition to bring out the best of video filming.

Product Demo Videos Animation
Live Concerts Events Coverage

Multi-cam coverage for small, medium, large size events can be flawlessly executed by our experts.

Service Demo Videos Animation
Conferences and Workshop Video Coverage

It is very important to cover the right things in a conference without missing any of the moments. We are one of the best when it comes to capturing live corporate events with multi-cam video services.

Whiteboard Animation Videos
Corporate Event Video Production

Covering events like an exhibition, founder’s day, anniversaries, corporate meetings and internal events are our forte. We can have a set-up ready in a very short time span.

Short Film Animation
Real Time Streaming

we have the expertise to carry our multi-cam shoot and beam it live through real-time streaming on any platform. This is the best way to reach your audience who are cannot attend your event.

Event Videos Covered and Produced

Regardless of the scale of the event, you have planned, or the venue and other background elements, Film District guarantees to curate a sensational event video for you. The video will potentially be a cut above the rest in a market like India, and also be something you shall proudly highlight to all your business associates, clients and everyone else!

We have extensive experience in producing videos for corporate events & conferences, concerts & seminars, live entertainment shows, service & product launches, promo events, award shows, festivals, live events/concerts, product launch and more.

So, are you planning to get videography and photography done for your event?

And, are you searching for professionals who will be able to deliver you the best quality video production services for your event?

Then you can get started right here.

Film District India is the place you should resort to for the best in class video production services at the most competitive cost available in the market.

These are the list of things we need to, accomplish video production.

1  Event Venue Survey for Shoot
Venue Inspection

The venue is finalized after detailed discussion with the marketing team. To understand the purpose of the event, focus, etc.

2 Equipment Inatsllation for Event Video Covarage
Equipment Set up

However big or small your event, we have the equipment to cater to all kinds of events. We have expertise in setting up - Camera set up, sound recording units, professional lighting and large LED Displays to cover your event in entirety.

3 Trial & Testing of installed Events Equipment
Equipment and Kit Check

Before the events begin, to adhere to our quality standards, we have our dry runs or trials to ensure that all the equipment are functional. The second round of our backup equipment is also set up to ensure in case of any dysfunction, the event will not be interrupted.

4 Multi-camera Streaming for Events
Multi-cam Set up

Depending on your requirement, we can set up multiple cameras to capture various spots on the stage/venue or audience/guests. The output from all the cameras can be mixed on the go with our high-tech equipment.

5 Live Event Broadcasting
Live Event Streaming

Our professionals ensure that your video is accessible and reaches your target audience on a real-time basis from where your event is actually happening. With events like these, your clients no matter which part of the globe they reside in, come closer to live in that moment.

Our Successful Event Videography Projects

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Philips Sound Of Difference 2014 Mohanad Al Hattab
Tim Hortons Club Apparel
Tim Hortons Pastry Pockets With Nutella
Shavermaty Promo

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