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With changing times and trends, a good percentage of people actually prefer watching videos about a Company, rather than reading long-drawn information-based articles and write-ups. Corporate Videos have grown to become an effective marketing tool. It’s one of the best mediums to convey the company’s aims and objectives, their achievements, goals, etc.

Essentially a Corporate Video presentation should be unique in nature and at the same time speak or resonate directly with the viewer's emotions, and establish an instant connection. With increased worldwide demand for top-notch corporate videos, the competition has drastically increased over time and so has the need for choosing a professionally efficient corporate video production company.

This is where Film District comes in.

Film District specializes in conceptualizing and producing innovative corporate videos with finesse. A quality video of your business will definitely give you an added edge over all your competitors. A professionally curated corporate company photo shoot will not only help your business to communicate your message to your audience but at the same time will tell the story of your organization, product or service in an engaging and entertaining way.

We have the best hands for creating the following

Explainer Videos Animation
Company Profile

A portfolio video of a company. It showcases the company’s identity and the business it does.

Product Demo Videos Animation
Broadcast / online Commercial

An advertisement that can be used to promote the brand.

Service Demo Videos Animation
Industrial Promo

Captures the technical/mechanical processes involved in manufacturing.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Corporate video animation grabs attention and helps in brand recall.

Short Film Animation
Product Demonstration

To show how a product is to be used and its benefits.

Custom Animation Videos
Talent Recruitment

Covers the values, ethics and the work culture of the organization to showcase why it’s the best workplace to work at to a potential recruit.

Custom Animation Videos

Covers an event with an aim to document the speeches, announcements, decisions taken etc.

Film District India believes in highlighting stories revolving around your business and not just create a stereotypical advertisement for you. Our approach to ideate products/services defines our business. With engaging content and top class production, we ensure your video is an effective tool in your marketing plan. Our professionally created corporate video will make you stand out from all your competition in terms of visuals, story line, content, music and overall quality. The Purpose of a corporate video is to create awareness and demand.

When working with our team, your video requirements are handled by a professional team of experts including – directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, editors, technical & shooting crew.

A leading video production company based out of India, Film District India also handles all your production needs like video planning, location scouting, character auditions, shooting, analyzing & editing, to ensure the best possible results for your business. The entire process of Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production are all managed by our experienced in-house production team. Our team of experts gets to your core objective and understand your expectation for the video production. We analyze who you want to reach and influence. Through research and our vast experience, our team has the capability to turn any product or business into an engaging video that captures the mind of your target audience. Ideas for any function, fashion, food, headshots, etc. will be brainstormed by our professionals.

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Our Process for Creating Corporate Video Production

1 Understanding The Objective of Corporate Video

Understanding the objective is the first step towards creating a production plan. The main intent for making the video is captured by a corporate video brief.

2 Analyzing Business Audience of  Corporate Video
Target Audience

Analyzing your target audience makes the delivery precise to the point. A good amount of research helps in clearing the production approach.

3 Engaging Video Message of  Corporate Video
Customer Engagement

Our scriptwriters and visualizers together work on the customer engagement tactic. A good script is very vital to a good video.

4 Innovative Idea and Unique Creativity for Corporate Video

A blend of creative genius, innovation, and brilliant visualization is key for the best corporate video.

5 Script Writing & Story Boarding for Corporate Video

The outcome of the creative, innovative and visual discussion are captured by the scriptwriters. Visual storyboards are made to clearly define the frames.

6 Filming Shooting for Corporate Video

The shoot is the final step; making of a video. It is the culmination of all the steps we discussed above.

7 Post Production for Corporate Video
Post Production

This is where the actual magic happens – editing and special effects change the raw footage into a can fantastic piece of art.

Be it a full-fledged short movie or a viral video for your brand promotion, depending on the corporate video brief we work towards achieving the best possible ideation for your brand. The entire ideation process leads its way to the script and storyboard writing. The whole production is planned in accordance with the final goal. The magic of post-production transforms the final product and delivers an output which everyone can be proud of.

Brand recall is one of the most important benefits of a corporate video. Whether your brand is large, medium or small, Film District will provide you with the best corporate video presentation at arguably the most competitive rate in the market.

No matter which part of the world you are in, Film District's team of professionals will work up to their full potential to deliver results for your brand – be it a social media video, a product video, a testimonial video or your brand story.

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