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Social Media Video Production Company: Going Where the Viewers Are

Today, if your business is not on social media, you are already missing out on countless opportunities to reach more people and expand your client base. But any social video production agency worth their salt will tell you that social media is good for more than just basic marketing. By posting on social platforms, you keep your audience engaged with your brand, getting closer to your followers and increasing the trustworthiness of your business. If you’re ready to take social media by storm, choose your social media video production company, make a plan of action, and start creating scroll-stopping social media videos that just beg to be shared. But if you’re not there just yet, keep reading to learn why you need a social media video, what types of videos you can make, and how a professional social video production agency can help you make the most of your social media video campaign.

Social Media Video Production Company in Mumbai

How Does Having A Social Media Video Help Your Business?

On social media, everything is happening in the moment, and once that moment passes, your audience usually moves on to something else. Their usual short attention span is made even shorter by the ability to skip video ads after just a few seconds, so whether you’re hiring a social media video production company to produce an ad or a longer video, you only have a few seconds to capture your viewers’ attention. A creative video with a powerful intro is perfect for that purpose.


Here is why enriching your content marketing with a video is a great decision:

- Increased engagement, with viewers interacting with the video directly

- Greater shareability across multiple platforms

- Increased attention-grabbing potential

- Improved brand trust thanks to quality content

- Improved SEO, which makes your brand easier to find online

- A wider marketing reach, ultimately resulting in more sales

A video made by a qualified social video production agency should tick all these boxes so you can enjoy the maximum ROI.


What Types Of Social Media Video Content Can You Create?

Social media video production offers many exciting options for your business. Exactly what kind of a video you’ll have your chosen social media video production company create mainly depends on the goal of your upcoming video and your chosen platform, or platforms.



In most cases, your social video production agency will advise you to host your video on YouTube even if it is not your target platform. This allows you to share your video to multiple social platforms from the same channel, boosting your metrics, as well as showcase your other videos to viewers coming to your YouTube channel from other platforms.



Facebook is still the most versatile platform when it comes to social media marketing. In this case, your social media video production company can create many different types of videos and you can be sure they would do well on Facebook. These videos can be short teasers posted on your Facebook page banner, attention-grabbing snippets perfect for Facebook Stories, or even short and exciting or long and informative videos that you can post on your page and share whenever you feel they could use more views.



Instagram is widely used for video marketing, and with good reason. Hire a social video production agency to design an effective Instagram marketing campaign with content ranging from short and sweet Instagram Stories, permanent informative posts, memorable reels, and longer videos suitable for IGTV.



TikTok has exploded in recent years, and, depending on your business, your social video production agency might suggest that you make the most out of this trend. While this type of content doesn’t work for just any business and is often user-generated, with professional advice, TikTok could become your gold mine.



The vast majority of Twitter users use it on mobile, and on the go, which makes it ideal for sharing your content and inviting users to interact with it both on and off Twitter.


In recent years, LinkedIn has become convenient for video marketing. Your social video production agency might recommend LinkedIn for a campaign that is too corporate-oriented for platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. LinkedIn is great for short and long videos alike, including recruitment videos, case studies, and success stories.

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Do you really need to hire a Social Video Production Agency?

For many of these video types, you may feel you could do it yourself just as well as any Social Media Video Production Company could, and in many cases, you could be right. However, we suggest you consider hiring a team of professionals even for simple video types. For more elaborate videos that require a skilled crew, talent, and equipment, finding a trustworthy social video production agency is crucial. Film District India is there to dedicate as much attention as needed to your project. As a social video production agency dedicated to customer satisfaction, we deliver quality content that fits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

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