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Testimonial Video Services: Telling It Like It Is

So, you’ve done your job, and you’ve done it well. You know it, and your client knows it. It’s time for the rest of the world to find that out. And the best way to make that happen is through client testimonial video production. Testimonial video services include the complete production of testimonial videos for companies large and small. Every business benefits from positive word of mouth, or social proof. By recording it and turning it into a professionally-made video, your client testimonial video production company ensures your previous clients are heard loud and clear. Thinking of turning your positive feedback into a testimonial video? Here’s what you need to know before booking testimonial video services for your business.

Client Testimonial Video Production Company

What Are The Main Benefits Of Client Testimonial Video Production?

The answer to this question is quite straightforward. In line with the already mentioned social proof, which is incredibly important for any business, testimonial video services are a great way to demonstrate how trustworthy your company is. They can also serve as a very effective call to action, motivating potential clients to use your business and improving your conversion rate.


What Do You Need To Keep In Mind During Client Testimonial Video Production?

There is more to creating a testimonial video than you may think. A lot of thought goes into determining just the right amount of praise, the right tone, and the balance between guided narration and natural speech. You don’t want to overdo it; your viewers will see right through that. 

Here are a few tips that can help you during client testimonial video production:

Keep it short – your audience is only willing to spare 30 to 60 seconds to watch your videos, frequently even less than that.

Tell it like it is – your audience appreciates video testimonials because they inspire trust. Show them you appreciate that they trust you by creating truthful testimonials.

Carefully vet customers – be sure that the customers you choose for client testimonial video production really love and appreciate your company.

Be prepared – while testimonials shouldn’t be scripted, your testimonial video service provider will probably advise you to prepare a guided screenplay to make the process more streamlined.

Set the scene – whether your testimonial video service provider is recording your customers or they are doing it themselves, pay special attention to their surroundings, lighting, as well as their appearance, comfort, and demeanor.

Keep it engaging – during client testimonial video production, encourage your customers to share their stories compellingly. Have them answer pertinent questions your ideal potential customer would likely ask.

Focus on value – your satisfied customers should mention everything they loved about working with you because chances are your future customers would find value in the same things.

Keep it natural – allow your customers to be themselves and share their stories in their own words.

Why Are Video Testimonials More Effective Than Written Reviews?

The Internet is not always a trustworthy place, and not all businesses are honest 100% of the time. Customers know that, so they are wary of fake feedback. Written testimonials, even completely truthful, lack one important component – the ability for the viewer to feel connected to the person writing the review. Client testimonial video production is the perfect solution to this problem.

When watching a testimonial video, your potential customers feel like they are talking with an actual human being, a person who struggled with the same issues they are struggling with now and came out on the other side with the help of your business. Through testimonial videos, your previous and potential clients connect more deeply than they would through a written testimonial even if they’ve never met each other. With this important difference in mind, you can make the most out of the testimonial video services you choose for your business.


Professional Testimonial Video Services vs. Clients Recording Themselves

If you’re torn between paying for testimonial video services and simply having your previous clients record themselves, consider what you expect to receive as the end result. Customer-made videos tend to feel more natural because your customers are in their own environments, where they are more comfortable. However, most of them have limited technical capabilities and video-making knowledge. If you want videos with a more professional feel to them, professional testimonial video services are the way to go. A skilled videographer will know how to keep your customers relaxed while also keeping an eye on everything vital for client testimonial video production, including creative shots, wardrobe and makeup, professional lighting, and, of course, the filming schedule.

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