Product Photoshoot Services

Any product that you are selling, deserves to be highlighted in the best light possible.

Having a top quality photo-shoot done for some of or your full product portfolio goes a long way in ensuring your brand & your products get maximum exposure.

Nowadays we are living in a visually driven world – be it virtual or in real life. A person, who sees something attractive from the outside of a store, will definitely walk into the store with an intention of either buying or at least inquiring about the product. The same goes for all things being sold online and elsewhere – if the picture of the product is attractive, half of the work is instantly done. If people visiting your store page browse and like what they see, they will end up making a purchase.

This is one of the major reasons why good product photography is critically essential for the success of any business being conducted online or offline. Getting the maximum out of your product photography directly translates to the enhancement of your brand - which itself is highly important for a business.

From store designs to social media campaigns & taglines, branding is intertwined in every single marketing activity that your business does. The right kind of branding speaks directly to your target audience and helps in crafting strong, successful relationships with customers. This relationship, in turn, leads to successful sales conversions and a spike in leads. To form this relationship and also carry out your branding in a proper and effective way, images and photographs play a key role.

Various types of Product Photoshoots

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Editorial style shoot

This involves showing the product in use to showcase its particular features. This can be done in realistic environments and with stunning effects so that the product’s usage looks realistic to the consumer.

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Product Dimensions

Product dimensions capture the physical proportions of the product. Usually, they are shot with certain common articles which most customers are familiar with, like currency/coins, matchbox, phone, etc.

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Products in Plain background

Most of the e-Commerce sites and product websites use this form of photography since it shows an uninterrupted view of the product. This also gives a lot of depth to the product.

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Macro Shots

Also used in e-Commerce sites and product websites, the macro shots are very close shots which show the texture and intricate details of the product.

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360 Product Shoot

The 360⁰ shoot displays an all-around look of the product. In recent times, it has become a very popular way to showcase products.

The first impression is always the one which lasts the longest. In that regard, images help your business to grab your customer’s attention. A photograph should be such that it should have a lasting memory and your brand should resonate with them. Visual content on the internet and offline helps in improving your brand's non-verbal communication and at the same time influences consumer’s emotions and desire to purchase.

It is generally seen that the ones which actually tell a story are the ones with which customers can relate more and usually delivers better results. The difference can be in terms of color schemes, setting etc. Having a unique photoshoot done can help you get a competitive edge over all your competition.

Film District is the most preferred professional product photography agency in Mumbai. We pride ourselves in delivering the best quality product photography services for your business, be it fashion, jewelry, skin care, product modelling etc.

One of our main USPs is that we strive to provide a unique identity for your product portfolio. Our team of experts devise numerous ideas around your product photo shoot and capture it in the most unique and attractive way possible. We also cover YouTube product photography so you can have your product range in a brilliantly edited video.

How to do a product shoot?

1 Detailed Understanding of the Product
Understanding Your Product

A detailed understanding of your product is acquired in order to create a strong production plan on how to make the photographs to be ready for marketing.

2 Product Inspection
Inspection of your product

Our team of expert photographers will thoroughly inspect the intricate details of your product to get a better understanding of how to carry out the shoot.

3 Product PhotoShoot

Finally, your products will be photographed in a fully equipped and state of the art studio, which will ensure the best results. Lighting techniques play a crucial role in Product photography to give the right depth to your product. The right product photography equipment – lighting kit, high-quality product photography lens, camera settings, setup, etc. are the crux for a good output.

4 Post Production
Post Production

The final edits and tweaks will be made to the photographs by our team of post-production experts.

5 Final Delivery
Client Feedback

After going through rounds of review from our end and the clients. We make the final fixes before handing out the final Optimized photographs to be used for your marketing needs.

6 Products Returned
Shoot Materials Shipped

The products and materials you sent to us for the shoot will be arranged to be sent back. Based on the understanding we can either courier it to you or have someone pick it up from our studio.

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