Portrait Photo Shoot Services

When it comes to photography of any kind and nature, the most critical and real constituting factor that defines a good photographer from others is the ability to tell a story through pictures.

Our team of professional photographers has undergone years of labor in learning to tell a story through their photographs and have the ability to provide the best quality portrait photography services in India and Mumbai. Our photographers specialize in cramming a heart full of emotions and a brain full of killer ideas into the limited frames, in turn making the photograph they click seem nothing less than a piece of art.

Portrait photography demands strong attention from behind the lens and not just having the know-how and capabilities to handle a camera. Selection of moments and gestures, capturing people's souls and once time has been frozen in the photographer's camera, adding the final touches through balance correction, color, contrast, and sharpness all play a contributing factor in making your portrait something worthwhile.

Having a portrait photo shoot done not only enables you to look back at all the good memories and smile but at the same time, it freezes that moment in time for your next generations to cherish as well. In that respect, the common saying that pictures speak a thousand words is aptly applicable. Not only that; having a well-built and curated album, full of portraits becomes a treasure of kinds to your family.

The various kinds of Portrait Photoshoots that we undertake are:

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Candid Portrait Shoot

We specialize in this kind of photography. You need a very professional photographer to capture the subject in his/her environment without altering the shot. The more it looks natural and spontaneous the better.

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Posed Portrait Shoot

This is the most commonly shot photography where the subject is ready for the shot.

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Formal Portrait Shoot

Usually used for business or formal occasions. These pics are used for brochures, websites and advertisements and other platforms where careful detailing by us makes sure that the subject looks the best.

Events worth cherishing for a lifetime like weddings, anniversaries, convocation and graduation ceremonies and other annual family gatherings are meant to be captured in the most fabulous way possible. This is where our team of expert portrait photographers come in. We make sure to dish out the most innovative and unique ideas for a photo shoot, regardless of the event you are organizing.

Even for highly important corporate events and corporate gatherings, having a few portrait photographs framed and hung on the walls of your office is a great way to make a statement to your business clients and associates.

At Film District, you can trust us to provide the best family or even corporate portrait photography services. We specialize in expertly capturing the subject matter with the most suitable and perfect backdrops, lights and effects. Using the best in line and most modern equipment, our photographers ensure that the final finished photographs you receive are wonderfully crafted.

Apart from your personal portrait photography, we are professionals at providing great portrait photography services for your business and corporate needs. All instructions on attire, carry on accessories etc. shall be personally conveyed to you by our team before the date of the shoot.

These are the processes we follow for a Portrait Photoshoot

1 Detailed Meeting for portrait Photography Services
Briefing and Discussion

We will have a detailed discussion with the people who shall be photographed, where things like the backstory, the theme, the motif and overall concept of the shoot will be sorted.

2 Location Finalisation for portrait Photography Services
Location Selection

Post briefing and discussion, we help in selecting the best-suited location for the type of photo shoot you want. The location chosen will have be perfect, such that the photographs turn out even better.

3 Location Recce for portrait Photography Services
Location Check

Once the location is mutually finalized, our photographer and assisting team personally visit the venue to get a better understanding of the dynamics, angles and also to get ideas before the actual shoot.

4 portrait Photography Services
Photo Shoot

After all the previous steps are sorted, our team of photographers and makeup artists will ensure to cover the entire shoot in such a way that the end product feels like a literal work of art for you and others who view the photographs.

5 Colour Correction for portrait Photography Services
Photo Editing & Final Touches

After the photographs from the shoot have been selected and finalized by you, they are made to go through a thorough editing process. It is during this process that the color, contrast and overall look of the photographs are enhanced for maximum impact.

6 Final Delivery
Photos Delivery

The final edited and processed photographs shall be delivered to you within the stipulated time frame and in the desired format as stated by you. This final set of photographs can be used on any marketing materials that you wish or can also be kept for personal use.

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