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With the overall scope of marketing constantly evolving, Promotional video marketing has become one of the most resourceful tools to spread awareness about your brand & business.

With the advent of Social Media, there have been various trends that have influenced brands to tweak their online marketing plans and strategies accordingly. One of those has been the increased engagement one receives when uploading a video or image along with some content for promotional & marketing purposes on their Social Media and other digital marketing channels. All major social media portals, these days have updated their user interface in such a way that individuals and businesses alike can upload longer videos, which the viewers don't have to leave the site or mobile app to watch. This particular change has been a welcome change when it comes to increased engagement.

While talking about a portal like Facebook, there can be various ways to upload a video. Some might choose to upload a redirect link, leading viewers to YouTube.

But uploading directly to Facebook will actually fetch your business more views, traffic and engagement that it deserves. One of the most cellular differences between uploading photo-based content and video-based content on Facebook is the fact that, even though the photo posts see a higher number of shares, the videos are the ones where real, organic engagement lies. The other major advantage your brand will receive, once an effective video has been uploaded is that it increases conversions by at least 80%.

Video Production for Marketing Purposes

Live Broadcasting on Social Channel
Streaming Live Events

Our experienced crew can get a multi-cam set-up ready for your event and beam through live streaming via social media platforms. This is the best way to reach the multitudes of your customers.

Social media Animated Video
Animation services

The most sure-shot way of connecting with your target audience is to create an engaging and creative animation video to be shared on social media platforms. Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. have millions of users who like and share videos that connect with them.

Social Media Branding Video
Branding video services

A potent video shot with good content and a great message get your products the branding you desire. You can use Social media to promote your brand by sharing professionally done videos.

Social Media Promotional Video
Promotional Video services

As per your marketing requirement, we can churn out a brilliant and thought-provoking promotional video.

Customized Social Media Video Production
Customized Production

Finally, give wings to your video concepts. Share your thoughts with us and we will create the most satisfactory end product for you. Our team will leave no stone unturned to give the right finesse to your video.

A strong, engaging video uploaded on your brand's social media can also directly lead to sales. Consumers who usually watch explainer videos online about a certain product, subsequently end up buying it. Not only that, but a video helps in building trust in your brand as well. A video is a legit way of attracting prospective consumers by providing useful and relevant information. This is a major reason why video-based content is more likely to engage with consumers and view you in a positive light.

So better start crafting your exciting product videos now!

Having a professionally produced video can help in capturing the attention of your target audience and make a positive impact on sales as well as brand value. Film District India, is one of the leading names when it comes to producing viral videos and concepts for the same. Our team of highly talented producers will ensure to create cost-effective yet efficient social media video for your brand that will smoothly comply with your brand's overall online marketing strategy. Whatever it is that your business requires, in terms of video production, conceptualization and even multiple videos for multiple platforms, our team of experts will deliver the best results possible. The videos we produce for you can also be added to the landing page of your website as well.

Adding such engaging videos to your landing page, ensures visitors check it out first – thus increasing the chance of conversions and sales. Trust us to create a fun yet compelling story surrounding your social media video, which will leave an everlasting impact on your target audience. Along with that, the necessary elements of plugging in your product or service in the video is also taken care of by our team of experts. By maintaining a fine balance of entertainment and information, we will ensure that your brand message reaches your target audience with the desired impact.

Marketing & Promotional – Video Production Process

1 Social Platform Selection for Video
The Platform

Depending on the product and its target audience, we analyze the best platform for promoting your brand. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. are the most preferred ones.

2 Goal of Video

Decide on the final goal of the video – click-through, conversion, user engagement etc. For instance, sometimes the ultimate aim of a video would be just to create brand recognition.

3 Script Writing Social Media Video

Based on the aim of the video, our writers will ideate for your brand and come up with the best possible story to achieve the marketing goals.

4 Adding Brand Visuals to Video

Knowing how much brand image to show and where/when to show are important aspects of branding. Our expertise in handling brands makes us the best people to rely on for Social Media Production.

5 Adding Sound & Graphics to Video
VFX & Music

A background score and some graphics will make the whole difference to your video. Our VFX experts and our library of sound samplers will make the whole world of difference to your video.

6 Social Media Video Delivery
Final Output

Your final cut will be edited to maximize digital prints across the social media platforms.

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