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Are you looking for a production house to bring your movie production to life?

Film District India represents a group of world-class talent and excellent professionals and their diverse approaches towards storytelling, visual styles, and film production. Our team of selected directors & photographers from across the globe, have unmatched creative flair in them ensuring your movie production is both innovative and excellent.

At the same time, our team of experienced, skillful professionals work in sync to support the directors and photographers. Hence, making sure to get the best output from them and in turn, helping you to bring your dream vision to the screen.

Film District has a keen focus on the Indian market and the various services it has to offer. Our team of professionals are ready, willing and able to cater to any content or ideas you have in mind. With our team having the required know-how and equipment, your dream movie production will be in safe hands, guaranteed.

Services Provided By Us

Short Film Production
Short Film Production

If a short film is what you're looking for, then we can effectively create a message-driven and meaningful short film for your audience. The short film will not only convey the message you have but also entertain, motivate and reverberate with your viewers.

Movie Production
Movie Production

One of our main objectives while producing a movie for you is to get a good insight into the theme or idea you have in mind and form an intriguing way to visually tell the story. The scripts and other elements are then curated accordingly, to eventually make the visual experience something worth remembering. Our Movie Production Mumbai is fully equipped to handle any budget production.

Documentary Production
Documentary Production

If you believe, you have a story to tell the world then we got you covered! One of our core strength lies in narrating your real life story, in a documentary format which guarantees to engage your customers in a very novel way. We try to capture the truth and the cellular sentiments of your story before getting it on the screen.

We at Film District, also makes it a point to suggest a variety of packages that suit both your production and creative requirements, while maintaining a competitive edge over the market rates. It is with pride that we can state that Film District is one of the top film production houses in Mumbai. With your ideas and our ability to deliver, your movie production will be a thing of grandeur!

Process of Production We Follow

1 Creative Pre-Production Planning
Creative Pre-Production Planning

All the important players involved in film production, like directors, producers and scriptwriters actively work on the basic idea of the film and form a plan of action for executing the other steps of the production process.

2 Film Script Writing
Script Writing

The story, script, and dialogues are handled by our team of ad filmmakers who are known to spin magic in their work. The script is written taking into account your main aim for the production.

3 Hiring Film Production Resource
Hiring Production Resource

Every scene is taken into consideration while choosing the perfect resource in terms of crew members and equipment.

4 Movie Casting

Arguably one of the most important things in producing a film is the casting. We ensure, through our global network of casting agents and multiple auditions to select the perfect actors for the desired roles.

How we do it?

At Film District, we don't just ensure successful completion of your project, but we also ensure the end product that you receive is noteworthy and exactly what you imagined, if not better.

To make it possible, we handle every single step of pre-production, production, and post-production with utmost care and expertise.

Equipment, kits, crew, resource management and most importantly the shooting of the film are some of the core elements which go into the production stage. Every single one of which is executed with perfection.

Even the post-production stage where all the editing, voice-overs, audio and VFX is done with extra eye caution and you can be rest assured to have a personal touch in every single step.

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