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Are you organizing a grand event and want to capture it?

Choosing the right combination of professional photographers along with a pre-event and post-event marketing plan to publicize your event is critically important. Apart from getting an event video production done, it is equally important if not more to get your event, the audience and other elements of your event photographed.

There are a number of different ways these photographs can be utilized once your event is done. Nowadays, marketing and photographs go hand in hand. Marketers around the world refrain from marketing their business, service or product without using any images. Also, like the saying goes 'a picture speaks a thousand words' – consumers these days are more willing to scroll through photographs rather than reading long drawn texts. Be it on Social Media or on any kind of print media like magazines, if photographs are not included the entire impact is lost.

Having an event backed by strong photography will no doubt create a big buzz for your event. This can, directly and indirectly, have the same impact on your organization in general too. If you manage to generate buzz around your event, or the activity that you conducted – people will be more inclined to paying attention to your business. If the photographs taken during the event can capture the fun and interesting parts of your event, it could also encourage people to keep a track of all your future activities and events. Every business needs this kind of mainstream attention from people, and thus one of the primary objectives of having photographs clicked during your event should be to make sure that the photos turn out to be professional and of a high quality. Great event photography has a high impact on how your organization and event is viewed by the general populace.

Our Process

1 Understanding Requirement for event photography services
Understanding Your Requirement

The first and foremost thing that is done is taking a brief from you about your event.

2 Merging with the Event Environment
Adjusting with the Event Environment

Once the venue of your event is finalized, our team personally goes and checks it out to prepare mental notes of the best angles and spots.

3 Shooting all possible angles
Capturing all possible angles

Every single element of your event will be covered from all possible angles by our professional team of photographers.

4 Set-up for event photgraphy services
Pre-event shots

The entire setup process of the event at the venue will be covered by us.

5 Candid shots of VIPs and top company executives
Candid Photographs

We ensure that all the VIPs of your event have exclusive photos and candid photographs taken of them, hence boosting the value of your event.

6 Close up and wide-angle shots
Close up / wide-angle shots

Our photographers have the skills and the high-end equipment to take close up shots as well as wide-angle shots of all the important people and things at your event.

7 High attendance impact for event photography services
High attendance impact

Our photographers will essentially capture the entire audience turnout at your event, and make it look & feel like a grand event.

8 Re-touching Photos
Photo Editing

Once the entire event is captured, all photographs are edited using state-of-the-art software by our team of experts.

At Film District India, we possess the expertise in providing professional photography services for your corporate events or any other live entertainment event – be it an annual meet-up, a dance, music or a dinner party, we make sure to capture every moment, from every angle during the entire course of your event.

The best part about having Film District cover your special event is the fact that our event photography packages are fully customized to ensure you get the best prices for your event photography and also the best quality of event photographs.

Our photographers use the latest equipment with finesse and make sure to capture your event from all possible angles, across all possible aspects. The final product you receive in the end is worth every single penny. Our expert photographers also take the onus on themselves to edit, retouch and work on every single photograph individually.

What you will get in the end are images which can easily be circulated across the web, your social media and also used on printed marketing collateral.

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