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In today's world, media has become a critical part of our lives. Waking up to reading newspapers and sleeping to reading books, have been replaced by waking up to fidgeting with our smartphones and going to bed watching television. Hence every single modern business nowadays is resorting to using the digital medium as their go-to platform for all their marketing and communication needs. This is where we come in helping your business with the best video production services.

We at Film District, help you in putting your organization on the global map in terms of creating awareness and having an impeccable advertisement which communicates exactly what your business wants, to your audience. The advertisements we produce for your business, will effectively capture the broad message you want to convey to your audience and at the same time leave a lasting impression on them.

One of the reasons why TV ad production in India has a much wider scope than print advertisements is because TV ads have the ability to directly communicate with viewers in an interactive way and hence have the capacity to draw more eyeballs. TV advertisements and commercials also have the ability to address people located at different places across the city or country at the same point in time.

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Film District India is one of the best Advertising Video Production houses. Our commercial video production costs are the most competitive in the market and we strive to make cost-effective better quality videos for our clients.

Social Media Video Production
Social Media Video Production

Our advertising production house churns out the best videos produced with the aim that it should go viral.

Does this make you interested in getting a television commercial produced for your business too, such that you stand out from the competition?

If yes, then we at Film District have you covered! Having been applauded as one of the best television commercial production companies in Dubai, UAE, the same quality of services and results can be expected for your business in the Indian market.

We believe a strong impactful TV Commercial or advertisement adds value to your marketing & communications strategy. We believe in making the entire duration of your television commercial or television advertisement to have a lasting impression on the viewers, hence not only establishing your brand name but also increasing chances of potential sales and increased customers. For this particular reason, the commercial video production done by us is crafted in a spectacular and visually enthralling manner such that viewer engagement is maximized.

All our production work is handled in-house by our team of professional producers using the finest and most modern equipment and technology. These include state-of-the-art chroma studio, efficient post-production systems, and equipment amongst others. Technology aside, our team strives to deliver your project with the highest degree of uniqueness and creative masterclass. Every single one of these elements combined helps in ensuring the end product you receive is the best video production available on the market.

Some of our exclusive services include – live action-cum-animation shooting, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, and GFX/ VFX services.

It gives us an edge over all the other competition in the market, when it comes to producing a highly engaging television advertisement for any business is twofold. All the stages that go into curating a television commercial, be it pre-production, production or post-production is handled in-house by our team of experts with a guarantee of the delivery of the final product to be made on time. Along with that, the price you pay for the services rendered by us is arguably one of the most competitive ones available in the current market scenario.

Effective Process of Production

1 Client Brief & Purpose of Ads Production
Client Brief & Purpose of TV Commercial

A thorough brief is taken from your side with a complete understanding of your communication strategy and the mission statement of the television advertisement you wish to create for your business.

2 Advertising Pre-Production Production

Post-briefing, every single element of the production stage is divided and delegated within our team of professionals in such a way that the script, audio, voice-overs, video & photography, etc. are handled with utmost precision.

3 Commercials Production

The planning is done in such a synchronized manner that every key player or element fits perfectly together, thus forming one big picture – which in this case, is your television commercial.

4 Media Post Production
Post Production

In the post-production stage, the final touches and edits are made to your television commercial, ensuring a gripping experience for viewers once it officially airs.

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