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Film District has one of the best customer testimonial video production services. We also cater to interview video production requirements. For its purpose as a marketing tool, an interview with the important people from your organization or customers (testimonials) will be very convincing if shot with the right planning and theme.

Client Testimonials are undoubtedly one of the most important parts for the success of your business. Testimonials act as a catalyst for your potential clients and customers, to trust and rely on your brand and do business with you. One of the most important aspects in any line of business is to build relationship and trust. Along with a good brand name in the market, the more credibility your brand has, the better are your chances for growth in sales and conversions.

This is where a well-structured testimonial from your loyal customers and/or interviews with other associates of the business come into the picture and eventually play an important role.

Technically speaking testimonials are written or recorded statements that support your credibility and level of expertise by a third party. These written statements & feedback help your potential customers to gain trust in not only what your business offering but also have faith in your reputation. If used correctly, testimonials can be used as a marketing tool for small, medium and large businesses.

Places you can use Testimonial Videos

Explainer Videos Animation
Facebook Pages

The most used social space will most obviously get you the most business if used correctly. You can post interview/testimonial videos to your page or groups you are part of.

Product Demo Videos Animation
Ads on Facebook

Facebook ads get a lot of attention as the well-made ads have the potential to go viral on this platform.

Service Demo Videos Animation

Another site which receives millions of views is - YouTube. Your testimonial videos can get a lot of mileage on YouTube.

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Your Webpage

A prospective client always looks up to your website. With your Interview/testimonial on your website, your clients get a chance to look at you and connect with you on an emotional level.

Word of mouth and feedback from a third party or people connected with your business always influences your likely customer’s choices. Thus, good testimonials and interviews can give that extra push to your business.

Testimonials and interviews have an extremely powerful impact when it comes to strengthening your brand standing in the market. They strengthen the credibility of your business and a known fact is, people will do business with you only if they trust you or find you to be credible. So, if you're willing to stand out from the crowd when it comes to presenting your testimonials and interviews in a comprehensive way, Film District is the place to be!

Our interview styled video production, churns out videos that compliment your brand and gives it a persona. The videos will be very encouraging for your users to go for your goods or use your services. We at Film District, have successfully created impressive client testimonial/Interview videos for marketing across all major business segments. We also have experience in making testimonial videos of companies for attracting talent, by interviewing employees across the corporate hierarchy from top management to the lower. This is done with an intention to attract more people lining up to work for your business.

We will be happy to create compelling and persuasive client and customer testimonial/interview videos for your brand and help you create a positive impact in the minds of your existing and prospective customers.

How we go around creating one of the best testimonial/interview videos

1 Analyzing the Brief for Testimonial Video
Client Requirement

The first and foremost step is to get a briefing done by you, such that we have a better understanding of what you're looking for and also the overall composition of your business. Along with this, the potential list of people who could add value to your testimonials is identified.

2 Testimonial Video Planning
Development Plan

The planning stage of producing your video includes collection of all information, resource gathering, equipment check, ambience of the set and most importantly having the shoot plan ready. A format for the testimonials/interviews is finalized along with the set of questions.

3 Testimonial Video Shooting
Video Capture

After following up with the list of potential clients, customers and associates for acquiring the testimonial – the date, time, and venue are fixed. Our team of experts then starts filming each of these individuals and ensure that the testimonial/interview is delivered effectively. They use videography interview techniques that are proven to effective.

4 Testimonial Video Editing
Post Production

The last stage includes editing and post-production. The edits are done with the format in mind; stringing one video after the other in such a way that positive impressions are made for your brand.

Our Successful Post Production Projects

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