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Looking for expert and reliable crew and photographers for your feature film, advertising commercial or brand video shoot?

You’re ready to shoot your dream film, everything is set; the actors, assets and the set. The question remains, who will shoot it? Anyone can make a video but to truly capture the essence of a film, commercial or a brand video you need a professional. Someone who can create art out of a normal routine shoot. At Film District India, we provide you with some of the most talented and experienced film crews across the country. Our crew members are highly trained professionals. They are experts in latest shooting formats like High Definition (HD), Ultra High Definition (UHD) and DCI 4K, among other formats. Our reliability and the ability to adapt to unexpected developments during the shoot makes us favourites amongst our clients.

With seamless inter-personal understanding, our crews make sure that the shoot progresses without any hiccups. Our extensive work experience across genres like Feature Film shoots, Corporate shoots, Documentary and Docudrama shoot etc. gives us an edge over our competitors. They are available for shoots all over India. Sheer hard work and love for filming have earned them accolades from leading brands and film production companies. We are aware of the challenges a film or television commercial company faces right from project inception to its eventual completion. Hence we are at your service for any needs you might have for a filming crew.

Our range of crew members available for hire include:

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