Which is the best film school in India?
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It is no longer news that the Indian film industry is now a force in the global entertainment industry. A few decades ago, Indian films were looked upon with thinly veiled disdain for their poor storylines, poor acting, and even poorer productions. That today, is now a thing of the past with some of the Indian bests catching the eye of Hollywood.

What has changed from what was to what is now? Well, the answer probably lies in the fact that the entertainment industry in India, as well as the Indian government, have since recognized the power of influence that movies possess; not just within the boundaries of the nation, but also as a means of global expression of the Indian culture and heritage.

This understanding has led to the establishment of film schools in India. This article, therefore, takes a quick look at some of India's best film schools in the country.

Where can I study filmmaking in India?
So, you ask, 'Where can I study filmmaking in India?'

1. Institute of Creative Excellence -ICE, Andheri, Mumbai
ICE is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified institute that was founded in 2010 by Balaji Telefilms with the primary objective of being a provider of a wholesome education in virtually all areas of the media and entertainment. The institute offers courses in Directing, Cinematography, Acting, Modelling, Editing, Production, Sound, and Visual Effects.

The school's main campus is located in Andheri (east) of Mumbai but has its presence through its admissions offices in nearly all the major cities in India including Delhi, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Jabalpur, Patna, amongst others.

The institute has several times been rated amongst the ten best film schools in India including the 2018 "The 10 Best Media & Mass Communication Institute" by Knowledge Review Magazine.

2. India's Film and Television Institute (Pune)
This very famous filmmaking school operates under the auspices of the Government of India's Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. More readily know as FTII or simply Film School; this institute enjoys reasonable government subsidy in fees to encourage more Indian population to take up the art.

FTII provides quality education in Sound Recording, Editing, and a two-year Diploma in Performing (Acting). The school boasts of a prestigious alumni membership as it has been producing great artists since the year 1960.

3. India's Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata
This school, which was founded in 1995, bears the name of the famous Oscar-winning Director, Satyajit Ray. It is a school situated in West Bengal in the Kolkata area.

The school is renowned for providing top-notch education in Sound Recording, Editing, Film Direction, and Cinematography. Like FTII, this school is also government-administered.

Other important film schools in India include:

4. Whistling Woods International (Mumbai), founded in 2006 Shubhash Ghai, the Showman, an alumnus of FTII
5. International School of Film and Media (Hyderabad). Established by the Akkineni Family; the school is one of the largest in India awarding a Bachelor's degree in Filmmaking
6. MGR Government Film and Television Training Institute (Chennai)
Was established in 1945. It is the only government-financed film institute in the Tamil Nadu region, providing diploma courses in Screenplay and Directing, Sound Recording and Engineering, Film Processing, and Film Editing. The school's diplomas are recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

Which course is best for film direction?
Film Direction has a lot of aspects and what kind of a film director one becomes is significantly rooted in the areas of film Directing one shows interest in. From enthralling storytelling with technical finishing to composition; every aspect is significant to anyone who wishes to be a master of his craft.

Which are the easiest film schools to be admitted into?
Depending on where you are and your qualifications; any film school can be accessible as long as they have what we desire. True, some film schools may be relatively easier to get admitted to, that, however, doesn't imply that they're not as good as others that may have processes and requirements that make admissions into them a little bit more challenging.

The film colleges listed above are merely a starting point for your goals. Future filmmakers will get what they put into film school based on how much time, focus, and energy they put into it.
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