Indian Film Industry Evolution in the Face of the Pandemic
by Eguaogie Eghosa Nov 19, 2021 Views (1.5K)
The Indian drama film "Milestone" took home the best film prize at the recent Silver Screen Awards in Singapore. It's hardly unexpected that this is the case. Because the Indian film industry, which comprises Tollywood, Kollywood, and Bollywood, continues to grow and play an increasingly important part in the worldwide film business.

The Indian film business is known for its glamour, vitality, and drama as one of the largest cinema hubs in the world. As the birthplace and namesake of "Bollywood" in India, the city of Mumbai is particularly noteworthy in this perspective.

Although Bollywood is widely regarded as the world's largest film business, India's film industry is the world's largest.
Nollywood in Nigeria and Hollywood in the United States are the next two places on the list.

About 100 years ago, India's film industry began. Many years later, the phrase "Bollywood" was coined. Bollywood films are known for their colourful song-and-dance routines, which have a global following of millions of fans.

Bollywood has had a profound impact on India's culture and daily life. The film business is the most popular form of entertainment, with a cult following.

Bollywood fashion, like that of Hollywood, is frequently emulated and manifests itself in everyday wear, with a strong effect on a wedding dress. A garment worn by a leading actor or actress in a box office smash can have an instant impact on the Indian fashion industry.

Major American studios such as 20th Century Fox and Disney now have a presence in India's film industry, which includes Bollywood.

How Indians Watched Films Before the COVID-19 Pandemic:
Before the coronavirus epidemic, India saw a steady increase in the number of feature films made and released each year, making it one of the world's major film industries. Whether it was the sophisticated multiplexes or the old-school single-screen theatres, Indian moviegoers flocked to the cinema halls. Even though the number of single-screen cinemas has decreased over time, the country still has a large number. As a result, advertising will find the Indian movie buff a perfect target.

India's Film and Music Industries Relationship:
Music is a crucial cash generator in Indian films, frequently generating more discussion about the film than the trailers. T-Series and Zee Music, for example, have had a lot of success with YouTube in recent years, with Indian music ranking high in terms of views and subscribers. Because of the success of these songs, playback singers are now regarded as some of the most well-paid in the industry. The Grammy Award-winning A.R. Rahman was arguably the most popular. Surprisingly, the highest-grossing picture of 2016, Dangal, had a less popular soundtrack than some of its predecessors. The film, which starred Aamir Khan, shattered previous box office records held by PK, which starred the same actor.

Film Production and Consumption are Undergoing a Paradigm Transition.
Film releases shifted to the virtual world with the commencement of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, creating a mark in an already thriving streaming business, with each participant rushing to purchase rights to blockbuster movies. The advent of streaming services as India's favoured method of watching movies has aided the film industry's survival during this difficult time.

India's film industry will continue to grow in importance in the global cinematic landscape, with no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

In India, movies are ingrained in the culture. As Bollywood's influence on Hollywood films grows, so will its influence on Bollywood films.

It will continue to play a significant role in persuading more Hollywood companies and actors to include the Bollywood subject in their next films.

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