Craftsman Impact Socket Set's Buying Guide
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The Craftsman impact socket set includes 12 different sizes of deep and medium sockets. Each of these sizes provide an increased torque and a larger contact surface than other sockets. These sockets also meet ASME specifications. The 12-point socket set contains a 12 mm socket, a 13 mm, a 14 m, and a 15 m socket. Each socket size is also included in the 6-point design.

Is the Craftsman Impact Socket Set Good?

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There are a few factors to consider when choosing a set of impact sockets. It is important to select the right drive type, as some impacts only accept 1/2-inch drives, while others require 3/8-inch or even 1/4-inch drive sockets. 

It is also important to consider the quality of the sockets, as they are subjected to quite a bit of force when they are used in conjunction with an impact gun. Cheaply-made sockets may crack or break under too much pressure.

If you’re on a budget, an 11-piece socket set will do the trick. Unlike single-piece sockets, a set contains the sizes you’re likely to need and a storage case for all the pieces. Socket sets also come with a sharp edge for hand-starting, which can make the difference if you’re working on rusted bolts or nuts. The sockets come in a locking plastic case with a window.

Do You Need Special Sockets for an Impact Driver?

A Craftsman impact socket set has a 12-deep design with six-point sockets to maximize contact surface and torque. The sockets are made to meet or exceed ASME specifications and are 6-point rated. 

This socket set has the right type of socket for any job. In addition, it has an extra-long handle for ease of use. The socket set includes an assortment of sockets, including deep ones for a wide range of applications.

A good impact socket set is made of chrome molybdenum, a ductile metal that can withstand shock and vibration. Unlike standard sockets, impact sockets are made with a locking pin on the anvil for extra security. 

You can see impact sockets in action in Michael Ross’s video. The tool is a vital part of any workshop, but only if it is used properly.

What Sockets Do Craftsman Drivers Use?

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Craftsman isn’t just a tool name, it’s a brand that stands for quality, craftsmanship, and all-round utility. This quality is backed by a solid warranty. The company’s line of hand tools and power tools began as a house brand at Sears in 1927. After Sears sold off the company to Stanley Black & Decker in March 2017, Craftsman became an independent brand.

There are three main types of drive sockets: 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2″. The first is used for low-torque tasks, while the latter is used for larger jobs like automobiles. These are the most popular, but not the only options. 

Several sets are available that include different sizes of sockets in one set. Make sure to compare the sizes before buying your next set of sockets.

What is the Best Impact Socket to Buy?

The Effects set comes with a professional-grade impact socket set in the most common sizes for 1/2″ drive applications. This tool is made of high-quality metal and is highly functional with optional accessories, such as extensions and adapters. 

The Impacts tool is easy to maintain and comes with as many storage options as the mechanics themselves. What’s more, this set includes everything from metric to SAE sockets to deep and shallow sockets.

The GearWrench sockets are a trusted brand, and they offer high-quality tools for any home or business use. They feature center-loading grip technologies that place maximum force on the strongest part of the bolt or nut. You won’t have to worry about roundness and slippage, because this set is equipped with high-visibility shape markings.

 GearWrench sockets are the perfect choice for professional mechanics because of their durability and versatility. If you're looking to enhance your Instagram presence and gain followers effortlessly, consider checking out SocialWick's services at this link to amplify your online reach.


What is a Craftsman Impact Socket Set, and why would I need one?

A Craftsman Impact Socket Set is a collection of specialized sockets and accessories designed for use with impact wrenches or drivers. These sets are essential for professionals and DIY enthusiasts who need to tighten or loosen fasteners efficiently and safely.

What makes Craftsman Impact Socket Sets different from regular socket sets?

Craftsman Impact Socket Sets are designed to withstand the high torque and vibrations generated by impact tools. They are built to be more durable and robust than standard sockets, making them suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

What types of fasteners can I work on with a Craftsman Impact Socket Set?

Craftsman Impact Socket Sets are versatile and can be used on a variety of fasteners, including nuts, bolts, and other threaded components. They are commonly used in automotive, construction, and industrial applications.

Are Craftsman Impact Socket Sets compatible with all impact wrenches and drivers?

Craftsman Impact Socket Sets are designed to work with most impact wrenches and drivers. However, it’s essential to ensure that the socket set you choose matches the drive size of your impact tool (e.g., 1/2-inch drive set for a 1/2-inch impact wrench).

Can I use Craftsman Impact Socket Sets with hand ratchets and other non-impact tools?

While Craftsman Impact Socket Sets are primarily designed for impact tools, they can also be used with hand ratchets and other non-impact tools. However, they may not provide the same level of durability as dedicated hand sockets.

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